Mezuzah Bank

« And you shall write them on the lintel of your doors and gates » (Deuteronomy 6:9 and 11:20).

The Mitzvah of the Mezuzah clearly indicates that the synagogue and the study house are not the only holy places for Judaism. Indeed, every house inhabited by Jews can and must become a mini-sanctuary and will truly become a home for the Almighty, Who can make His Presence reside there.

This small roll of parchment attached to the door of each Jewish house and to the door of each room shows that G-d protects all those who are there, physically and spiritually. This dwelling is now truly « a sanctuary for G-d » as written in the Psalms (121:8) : « The Lord will protect your going out and coming, now and forever ».

Indeed, one of G.od’s names, Sh.addai, appears on the back of the parchment : it is an acronym for the Hebrew words meaning « Guardian of the Gates of Israel ». Correctly placed at the door of the house or workplace, the Mezuzah protects the inhabitants, whether they are inside or outside.

Moreover, the Lubavitcher Rebbe added that the Mezuzah not only protects the Jews who live in this house, but also helps to protect all Jews throughout the world, at all times, whatever they may be !

The Mezuzah Campaign

In 1974, with the advent of large-scale terrorism, the Lubavitcher Rebbe launched an international campaign to promote the Mezuzah. Thanks to the efforts of its emissaries – even today – many Jewish houses are now equipped with kosher Mezuzot, and thousands of Mezuzot are verified every day by highly qualified scribes. The Mezuzah is once again a proud part of the Jewish landscape.

The « Mezouza Bank » : An original initiative made possible by Chabad-Lubavitch of France

The European Lubavitch Bureau has set up the « Mezouza Bank » project, which allows every Jew to obtain one or more Mezuzot at a reasonable price, thus making each Jewish home a « sanctuary for G.od ».

In addition, the « Mezouza Bank » mandates a qualified Sofer to check the validity of their former Mezuzot for free.

All Jews – regardless of their origin or affiliation – can benefit from the services of the Mezuzah Bank.

By affixing the Mezuzah, we contribute to transforming our living spaces into protected, secure and sanctified places, and by the merit of this important Mitzvah, the Jewish people will very soon know the deliverance from exile with the coming of our Just Machia’h, now !