Tefillin Bank

A Brief History of the Tefillin Campaign

In the wake of the Six Day War in 1967, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, encouraged a proactive major campaign to put Tefillin on every Jewish male who did not currently do so. “Go out into the streets and find a Jew Who has not yet put on Tefillin and help him with this special mitzvah,” he exhorted.

1967. The Lubavitcher Rebbe introduces the Tefillin Campaign, instructing his followers to help Jews with the Mitzvah of Tefillin.

1968. A Tefillin stand is established et the Kotel to encourage Jewish men to put on Teffilin.

1974. The Mitzvah Tank hits the streets, an inviting venue to enter and do Tefillin and other mitzvos.

1980. Tefillin has become the iconic mitzvah offered by Chabad outreach on a global scale. Chabad shluchim offer Tefillin in hospitals, on military bases, college campuses and many other venues. On Friday afternoons, Chabad students worldwide make work place visits offering personal help to businessmen and professionals who would like to perform this special mitzvah.

1992. The Aleph Institute creates a free-of-charge Tefillin Bank for incarcerated Jews.

2004. In the USA “The Kushner Tefillin Bank” opens, distributing pairs of Tefillin to men committing to weekday Teflllin use.

2007. A Tefillin Bank opens in Brazil.

2008. A Tefillin Bank opens in South Africa.

2009. A Tefillin Bank opens in France.

Mission Statement

Tefillin Bank

To ensure that nothing holds back any Jewish man from putting on Tefillin.

The Tefillin Bank assists in providing a pair of Tefillin to applicants who demonstrate willingness to use them on a daily basis and do not have the means to pay all or even a part of the purchase price.

By utilizing the nationwide network of Chabad emissaries in France, any person seeking to fulfill the mitzvah of Tefillin can simply approach their local Chabad Center or Rabbi and make a request for a pair of Tefillin.

We are also in contact with community based Rabbi’s, Army and Prison chaplains and local associations in order to reach the maximum amount of Jewish men.

Once he receives his Tefillin, he will be shown how to put them on and be given a “How to Guide” to help him perform the mitsvah of Tefillin on a daily basis.

To date, over 2,500 men & boys as young as the age of 13 are now putting on Tefillin every day with Tefillin provided by the Tefillin Bank in France.

Our recipients are from all over France. Many recipients are from towns that do not have a local Jewish structure or a Rabbi.

Financial Summary

The following is a summary of the expenses of Tefillin Bank over the last ten years (2009 – 2018).

Tefillin purchase costs: € 75 000

Tefillin accessories (Tefillin bags, yarmulkes, Tefillin guides): € 20 000

Other expenses (Website, Publicity, Shipping): € 15 000

Total Expenses:  € 110 000 per year