1/ Jewish Day Schools

A nationwide network of Jewish day schools from nursery through seminary with over 15,000 children enrolled. A high academic level both in Torah and secular studies. Chabad schools are accredited by the Minister of Education, and have acquired an excellent reputation.

2/ Summer Camps

Chabad-Lubavitch France offers summer and winter day camps for children and young adults, where children are able to develop their capabilities and experience a unique Jewish experience. Many campers go on to enroll in a Jewish Day School.

3/ Outreach : One at a time

Reaching out to our brethren and offering everyone the possibility to learn and discover our rich culture and heritage. Individual and group study sessions on a weekly basis. Tefilin and Mezouzot are subsidized for those who cannot afford to purchase them on their own.

4/ Holiday Programs & Workshops

Chabad-Lubavitch France educationally prepares youngsters and their families for their important role in an upcoming Holiday. Hands-on workshops and pre-Holiday programs are attended by over 5,000 children and over 2,000 adults. Packages filled with holiday supplies are distributed to those in need.

5/ Retreats & Seminars

Weekend retreats and seminar for families, young adults and students. An environment geared toward giving people the chance to live and learn while getting a breath of fresh air. A perfect setting for attracting youngsters to the beauty and meaning of Torah true life.

6/ Community Centers

With over 200 locations including synagogues, schools, community center, libraries, summer & winter camps and Mikvas (ritual baths), Chabad-Lubavitch France is the largest outreach and educational organization in France.

7/ Crisis Intervention & Counseling

At Chabad-Lubavitch France, our Rabbi’s undergo periodic professional training to deal with families and individuals in their time of need. Confidentiality is always respected. Children from broken homes are made to feel at home at one of our three dormitory facilities.

8/ Preparing for The Future

Chabad-Lubavitch France offers a Torah study program for young men, along with an intense computer training program. Graduates can lead a fulfilling Jewish life while possessing the tools needed to acquire a position in the work place. We offer job preparation and placement for our students.

9/ Holiday Awareness

Public awareness and understanding of Jewish custom and faith is an essential part of our culture and heritage. Radio programs and public advertising help spread the message.

10/ European Institute

The “European Institute for Jewish Studies” is a program for young adults to broaden their knowledge of our rich culture and heritage. Students from across Europe participate in our various programs in an all-inclusive atmosphere.

11/ Publications Department

In order to bring our rich culture and heritage to our brethren of all ages, we publish books in the French language for all ages. Our catalogue of books includes a variety of educational books, as well as books on the Jewish holidays, story books that recount our past, including the great leaders of the Jewish nation. Our books fill a great need for French speaking Jews everywhere.

12/ Government Relations

Chabad schools are recognized by the Minister of Education and follow the department’s guidelines for their secular studies. Serval Chabad Rabbi’s serve as chaplains in the various branches of the French army and prisons.

13/ France & Israel

Chabad of France works closely with Jewish organizations in Israel, and has helped many Jews from France adapt to their new home in Israel.