What is a Chabad Center ?

A Chabad Center is a Jewish community center serving the needs of an entire Jewish community, offering Torah classes, religious services and assistance in Jewish education and practice.

A Jewish community center in the most authentic sense of the word, a Chabad Center is the starting point for all the educational and social activities of the Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries (Shluchim), meeting the needs of the entire Jewish community, from our youngest ones to our elders.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Mena’hem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory, has always called for the expansion of activities in existing Chabad Centers, as well as for the opening of new centers wherever Jews are present : in urban centers, in suburbs, on university campuses, everywhere in the world. Its delegates have responded – and continue to respond – to its call.

In 1972, in a letter sent on the occasion of the opening of a new Chabad Center, the Rebbe expressed the wish that this new institution be a key opening the hearts of all those who would frequent it and all those who would be within its influence – that would open their hearts to the very essence of their Yiddishkeit. This Yiddishkeit, in the deepest part of oneself, is reputed to be always alive and sensitive, despite the outer layers that cover it. When awakened, the Jew naturally ignites with the warmth of the Torah of Life and with the Mitzvot, which constitute the essence of Jewish life. And he in turn becomes a source of inspiration for those around him.

In the Chabad Centers, and in all their activities, the Shluchim are Abraham’s heirs: all their doors are open.

They inherited his kindness and compassion, his selfless commitment to revealing G-d’s existence to the whole world. They will not stop until the springs of the Torah have sprung up in each place, “in the West and East, in the North and South”.

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