Resource Center

1. Administrative Services
For various administrative procedures and government services.
Filing for non-profit corporation status.
Letter writing services, etc.

2. Legal Services
Lawyer recommendations.

3. Accounting Services
Assistance for various accounting procedures.
Accountant recommendations.

4. Tefilin Bank
Tefilin sold and verified, with possibility of partial subsidies.

5. Mezuza Bank
Mezuzot checked for free and sold at cost.

*6. Sefarim Bank
French and Hebrew books, sold at discounted prices. Free children’s books for Jewish Community Centers, Chabad Centers and Synagogues.

*7. Torah Classes Bank
Database of emissaries, for emissaries
(PDF, video, etc.)

8. Foundation Chabad Europe
Allowing donors to Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in France and Europe to receive greater tax benfits on their donations.

9. Free Loan Society for Emissaries

10. Ezra L’Shluchim
Private aid for Shluchim.

*11. Shluchim Shop
Numerous items necessary for outreach programs, etc., at cost price or offered free of charge. Customized Tsedakot, etc.

12. Journey to the Rebbe
Organized community trips to NY including extensive program, and room and board.
Visits to different local communities.

13. Merkos Shlichus
Judaism everywhere and for everyone!
Bringing Judaism to your door step.
Small and isolated communities, without access to Jewish resources are a major concern.
Initial contact is often made through the Student Visitation Programs.
Rabbinical students voluntarily give up their personal vacations to travel from place to place, meeting, giving classes, disseminating Jewish publications… planting the seeds of Judaism.

14. Peilout Anach
Outreach work partnership between local working individuals and emissaries.

15. Yearly Wall Calendar of Jewish Art
Personalized for Institutions, Chabad Centers, schools, etc.

16. Holiday Assistance
– Customed Holiday Guides
– Shofars offered for Rosh Hashana
– Lulav and Etrog (Arba Minim) at a discounted price
– Chanukah Menora Kits
– Matsa for Pesach
– Holiday aid.

*17. Multimedia Service
Allows you to distribute Internet content on your personalized networks (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

* Note : Projects 6, 7, 11, 17,
Advanced implementation stage.